Flower Care & Etiquette

How Do I Take Care of My Arrangement?

Make sure the container your flowers come in is always full of fresh, clean water. Re-cutting the stems at a 45° angle one or two inches from the bottom will reopen the seal from their last cut, helping your blooms soak up every last drop. Flowers like to play it cool, so set the dial for between a pleasant 65 to 72 degrees F but make sure they never freeze, don't forget them in the car in colder months. Let them bask in the sunlight from a distance, and don't make home a spot near vents, appliances, or electronics like TVs and computers.

How Do I Take Care of Succulents?

Water your succulent when it has dried out completely from the last watering, soaking the soil until it drains out, generally every one to two weeks. If your container doesn't have drainage holes, water down to just the top ½ inch of soil. While succulents love natural, bright light, they'll do fine if they get six hours of sunshine a day. If you see a wilted leaf, clean a pair of shears well and trim the leaf where it meets the larger stem. Your succulent will thank you.

How Do I Take Care of Orchids?

When it comes to light, orchids fall into two camps. Ascocenda, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Vanda are fans of bright, indirect light, while Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis and Miltonia prefer the shade. Keep the bottom of your orchid's container dry by watering about every 10 days. Provide adequate air circulation and offer them a boost with a liquid fertilizer according to the label on the bottle, usually once or twice a month. And don't add soil to your orchid's container; most are epiphytes---they get their moisture and nutrients from the air, bark and moss near their roots. Let them put down roots in a bed of rocks, moss, or bark, the way nature intended.

What Do Different Rose Colors Mean?

Our Meaning of Roses guide is designed to give you a general sampling of many varieties which are popular today. 

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What Does Each Flower Type Mean?

Our Flower Dictionary will give you insight into each of the different flower types and their meaning.

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What Flowers are Appropriate for a Funeral?

Sending flowers to a funeral service can be very personal, if this is the case we suggest going with something that the deceased would have enjoyed themselves or a family member. It's ok to send a bright arrangement if that's what you envision for them.  

If you are sending flowers to a family or friend whom you might not know that well, the safest option is an all white arrangement that can be taken home and appreciated both at the service and afterwards for some time to come. 

If you are truly stumped and can't decide on what flowers to send we can always send a dish garden or plant that can be taken home and enjoyed for years to come. 

Should I Send Sympathy Flowers to the Funeral or the Home?

Often time funeral services can be very overwhelming and bit of a blur for many families. Sending to the home is a great option and can be a touching reminder even after a service that you are thinking of people who have suffered a loss. It offers an alternative in case you've missed the date of the funeral services as well.